"Get to know us" posts are always uncomfy, but you're already here so we might as well tell ya what ya wanna know!
When COVID hit in March 2020, we both moved home from school to take our classes online (Shannon- undergrad, Mallory- grad school). Shannon decided to try sewing a bikini for class extra credit (an art class, for context) and it actually turned out... cute? So naturally Mallory wanted in and we started sewing kinis for ourselves and blah blah blah
We started selling bikinis on Instagram in May 2020 and were immediately blown away by the outpouring of support we received. Fast forward to January 2021- we moved to Hawaii, finished our respective degrees, and decided to pursue Black Dog Bikinis full time. We are now in Newport Beach, California, still sewing each kini with just as much love as we did back in May 2020.
Environmental stewardship and a love for mama earth and her people are at the forefront of everything we do, and we’re constantly trying to find ways to make this biz more ethical + sustainable. Read about our efforts here!
It’s just the two of us, so each swimsuit is handmade with love by us and meant to make its recipient feel comfy, confident, and in the mood to boogie. All suits are fully reversible, so you’re really getting two suits in one. Talk about bang for yo buck! 
Anyways, feel free to send us an email at hello@blackdogbikinis.com or a DM on Instagram @blackdogbikinis if you ever have questions or just want to say hi. You can also fill out the form on our contact page- whatever floats your boat.

We’re happy you’re here!
xo, Mallory and Shannon
(video by our talented + rad friend, Alex Gorman!)